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Lépine G, Fouillet H, Rémond D, Huneau J-F, Mariotti M, Polakof S A scoping review: metabolomics signatures associated with animal and plant protein intake and their potential relation to cardiometabolic risk. Advances in nutrition

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Buffière C, M Hiolle, Ma Peyron, R Richard, N Meunier, C Batisse, D Rémond, D Dupont, F Nau, B Pereira, I Savary-Auzeloux. Food matrix structure (from biscuit to custard) has an impact on folate bioavailability in healthy volunteers. European Journal of Nutrition

Bezerra AP, Gama LT, Pereira LJ, van der Bilt A, Peyron MA, Garcia RCMR, Gonçalves TMSV. Do implant-supported prostheses affect bioavailability of nutrients of complete and partially edentulous patients? A systematic review with meta-analysis. Clinical Nutrition

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Reynaud Y, Couvent A, Manach A, Forest D, Lopez M, Picque D, Souchon I, Rémond D, Dupont D. Food-dependent set-up of the DiDGI® dynamic in vitro system: Correlation with the porcine model for protein digestion of soya-based food.  Food Chem.

Reynaud Y, Buffière C, Cohade B, Vauris M, Liebermann K, Hafnaoui N, Lopez M, Souchon I, Dupont D, Rémond D. True ileal amino acid digestibility and digestible indispensable amino acid scores (DIAASs) of plant-based protein foods. Food Chem.

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